Hi Shipmate & Family

Wow: where is the time going?? Summer is upon us!! We hope everyone is staying safe, heathy and blessed!!

The reunion committee will be meeting June 16th for continued work on the 2023 Reunion, Certainly hope everyone is planning on showing up! We assure it twill be a fun time!

Membership -

*** If you have any idea’s or would like to donate to the silent auction for the reunion, it is never to early! We are proud to announce this year’s Recipients of the monies raised will go to TUNNEL to TOWERS Foundation. We will have a rep on hand at the reunion to receive the check. WE WILL CONTUNE TO ASK FOR DONATIONS – We can’t run a Reunion with just one person – it takes a SHIP – everyone’s help is greatly appreciated!!

Gary & My mission is to list and FIND every guy that stepped foot on the Downes. It is a task that most of you know that we do with passion and heart. BUT we can't do it with out your help. Please contact us with any and all information. With EVERYONES efforts we can say with PRIDE at over 1000 USS Downes Shipmates have been accounted for!!

We also are big advocates for the VA and want to STRESS that you get signed up for the VA if you are not!!! DO NOT sign up at the VA hospital. PLEASE get a rep from your local American Legion, VFW  or your local county office. DON’T give in to “You made to much money”.. contact someone else if that happens. IF you have any question on whom you would contact and or need help. PLEASE REACH OUT!! We ARE always a phone call or text away! AND we are not kidding, we are not here just to find shipmates if we any help in get you contacted with someone who get you on the right path, please call or text 320-493-9775 I may be slow, but I do get there! Or damn it – Just text a smile!!

Please also tell us know
  • How we are doing????
  • If you no longer want to be on any USS Downes mailings let me know. You will be posted a DNC- (do not contact) and will be removed from any further mailings.
  • If you have a shipmate’s name that is not on the USS Downes website list, etc.

We are trying our best to keep the USS Downes 1070 Sailing. We do need its shipmates on board to continue going forward.

Gary & Becky Court
Share a Smile~ Someone in your life needs it!!