FROM The Deck of the USS DOWNES 1070

Membership Form
Shipmate Name: ________________________________________________________________________________________
 Street Address: _____________________________________ City: ___________________ State: ________ Zip: ____________
Home Phone: _______________________________________ Cell Phone: ___________________________________________
Email: __________________________________________________________________________________________________
Rate while on ship: ______________ What Years where you on Board; _________ Nickname Onboard: ___________________
Has your Name Changed – what was it when on board: ________________________________________________________

Plank Owner Y or N______ Decom Y or N________________ DOB_______________ ( I don’t need year)

On back, include a story about you navy time:

The Year you join the navy, why you joined, what year did you get leave the navy, what year did you board the Downes, who was CMD, what was your most exciting time on the ship, did you meet you wife or partner on while on the ship. What have you done since your USS Downes Days, what State you moved to if you moved? Anything else you would like to say if you are picked for the “Shipmate of the Quarter”

Please also Include a copy of navy picture and a now picture and any other pictures you may want to share.

(if this is a family member- relationship to Shipmate____________) Please tell your Shipmates story
Please sign giving the publisher Permission to use the said Story in Newspaper. (PLEASE KNOW…I WILL NEVER GIVE OUT ADDRESS, PHONE, ETC)

Shipmate/Family Member Signature: ____________________________________________________________________________

Please Print, Fill out and send along with $30 – For 1 years membership to:
USS Downes 2610 119th St NW Rice, MN 56367


Quarterly Newsletter – It will have

  • Names of Newly located guys

  • Names of Those who have passed

  • One Honored Shipmate – per quarter (navy and present pictures and their story)

  • Balance sheet of the checking account - payables & receivables

  • Misc. pictures and   information – maybe a story or two 
  • A YEARLY USS Downes 1070 custom made membership gift – first year is a “Dog Tag” these will not be available to the Ship Store or anywhere else. 
  •  Quarterly Prize give away - publisher’s item of choice –(item will be announced in previous newsletter)
  • Annual Birthday Card – Only member after Jan 1st will receive a Birthday Card
What can I do that I am overseeing?  How can we continue to do what is started? Why am I not bringing in money for the Downes?  What will this money go for?
ANSWERS to above questions: I cannot afford to do continue to go on without having some source of income coming in.  Through my business I have start to offer US Flag repair for a donation to the Downes. That is not enough. So here is what I can offer. I will continue to volunteer my time.  The funds from the membership will go into the Downes Account for:  POSTAGE, Christmas Cards, Printing, Website, Memberships to search for shipmates, upcoming reunions, etc.  Or Second option I stay a Facebook member and give up everything but helping with the reunions. The decision is totally up to the shipmates of the USS Downes.
There will be a complimentary issue at the reunion, After the reunion, I will send out a mailing to everyone who was not at the reunion, offering this membership to them. This will be a means of staying connected and knowing what is going on with the Downes 1070. I will offer Just the “newsletter” to those who are newly located as an opening to being a member?  The Shipmates and Family Members
The Cost of Stamps and printing alone for the reunion was 1169.65. I have done 3 mailing since Oct. (I truly APPERIATE those of you that have pitched in; in any way!!)  Postage only for those 3 mailings came to 1191.30. without printing, etc. total cost on those 3 mailing came to $2036.25                 
Please know ANYTHING I place in the New Letter WILL NOT be posted on the FACEBOOK PAGE. Lets made the USS Downes Self-reliant!!!