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From the research of Becky Court

Acasio, Jose BEMCS91-92
Ahnee, Glenn MSA71-73
Aities, StanOS284-85
Anderson, WL ( Wilbur)STC
Antonio, Cesar MMS281-82
Archambeault, ELRMC71-76
Baker, Clifford DDKSN78-80
Banks, JeffRMC89
Blasingame, OLSA71-73
Bogusch, William
Booth, KevinHT377-80
Bossart Jr, Edmund B CMDR71-73
Brady, JDMM171-73
Brown, Marty
Bryant, Jerry LOSCO84-86
Burke, Mike (Wino) BM375-79
Carpenter, Dave

Cherry, Scott MM886-90
Church,  Roy D (Dan)ET179
Clark, William StephenCMDR84-86
Cody, Bill r HT86
Cottrel, Keith
Crafton, DM SA71-73
Crafton, Rm FN (EM)71-73
Crawford, JBGMG371-73
Dickinson,FM, Jr (floyd)ICFN 
Dolan, ERFN 
Douglas, Stephen

Dunlap, Ken
Dunn, RA (robert)BT271-73
Eacho, VirgilEW176-77
Edinger TimBMSA82
Eichman, KenTM372
Estes, MarkBM172-74
Evans, Rodney Sr

Fanning, Timothy RRDSN 71-73
Felkins, Chuck E SrGMG179
Felterolf, RichGM
Flint, DOSA71-73
Forshey, Charles OMM11990
Freeman, JimPNCS76-79
Gains, Edward
Girdley, RFTM371-73
Gore, M GregSHSN79
Grey, William

Hadden, JoeHT283-85
Hatten, Earl RSH171-73
Heldenbrand, TDEM371-73
Heygood, Chris SrOSC82
Honeycutt, Mike  IC381-83
Hoyle, Ken Rm72
Hubal, Anthony OSC182
Hubbard, Zay L
Huskins, DDMM171-73
Jabinal, GerryPNC84-85
Johnson, Charlescapt77-79
Johnson, GLENS71-73
Johnston, MichaelBMSN77-19
Jones, BL BarneyEMC71-73
Kelley, John CPO 
Kibler, DaveMMFN74-77
Kiner, JA  ( pappy)FTG171-75
Knupp, JamesBT380-83
Leaks, Lonnie

Levita, Leonardo, R Bm190-92
Leyes, GaryMSI90
Lively, Tom "prunie"BTFN73-77
Livita, Leonardo
Lotzer, PeteOS280-83
Loughrige, George E FTG279
Lovelett, RandyMS282
Lunford, M L FN 
Macbride, William IC82
Maitlen, LK -LawernceSKC71-73
Marchbanks, JimRM380-83
Masiclat, Cezar GPNC91-92
Massie, WSCS371-73
Matthias, GDCSSN  
Mattson, JasonMM389-91
Maykut, LarryBT171-73
Medinger, Gerald LEM191-92
Meletti, Albert
Menke, JohnBT74-79
Metzger, Tom (Harry)MMC80's
Miller, DLGMMC71-73
Mims, Al - AlvinSM7
Mishoe, AndrewGMM79-82
Moity, RIRDSN71-73
Morell, John

Morrison, BillCPO73
Mullins, Scott

Palmer, David LeeQTM
Palmer, HLENFN71-75
Pine, John Scmdr71-73
Pogue, JDSK171-73
Putman, Hal 73-76
Remley, DarrylYN
Rhode, DaveGMT382
Rice, Vern 91-92
Rios, RubenE574-78
Salato, Leopold BT376-82
Sanders, George RMSN82
Sanders, MauriceFTG174-79
Sanifer, DE SN71-73
Schaffner, GAYN171-73
Sebren, CREMFN71-73
Selvig, Ray LBMC78-82
Shack, Richard

Sheffer, JimSK382-86
Stern, Chris GBT284-88
Stockton, Wiliiam DMMC71-73
Stringer, ElEN171-73
Teachman, ErnestE01
Therrien, Patrick ASM277-81
Thompson, Frank LCWO271-73
Thorpe, CEMM171-73
Trostel, Timothy EdwinAW82
Urfer, DonaldBMSN76-78
Walker, Scottie MM389-92
Whaley, Gene IIIDK174-78
White, Charles O

White, DavidLTJG79
White, Sylvester  C Jr(Butch)BM2016
Whitty, Joe

Wiggins, ChuckOS179
Williams, Franklin D. BMC71-72
Williams, William L 78-79
Yanders, DavidBM388-89
Zoppo, Doug

Zwicker Tom
Mullins, WalterRR171-73
General characteristics
Ordered22 July 1964
BuilderTodd Pacific Shipyards, Seattle, Washington
Laid down5 September 1968
Launched12 December 1969
Acquired29 June 1971
Commissioned28 August 1971
Decommissioned10 June 1992
Stricken11 January 1995
MottoReady Now
Nickname(s)Finest, Fastest, Fairest Frigate in the Fleet. Frigate From Hell.
FateDisposed of in support of Fleet training exercise 15 August 2003
NotesSunk at 031° 10' 01.0" North, 119° 48' 03.0" West
Class and typeKnox-class frigate
Displacement3,187 tons (4,168 full load)
Length438 ft (133.5 m)
Beam46 ft 9 in (14.2 m)
Draft24 ft 9 in (7.5 m)
  • 2 × CE 1,200 psi (8,300 kPa) boilers
  • 1 Westinghouse geared turbine
  • 1 shaft, 35,000 shp (26,000 kW)
Speedover 27 knots (31 mph; 50 km/h)
Range4,500 nautical miles (8,330 km) at 20 knots (23 mph; 37 km/h)
Complement18 officers, 267 enlisted
Sensors and
processing systems
  • AN/SPS-40 Air Search Radar
  • AN/SPS-67 Surface Search Radar
  • AN/SQS-26 Sonar
  • AN/SQR-18 Towed array sonar system
  • Mk68 Gun Fire Control System
Electronic warfare
& decoys
AN/SLQ-32 Electronics Warfare System
  • one Mk-16 8 cell missile launcher for ASROC and Harpoon missiles
  • one Mk-42 5-inch/54 caliber gun
  • Mark 46 torpedoes from four single tube launchers)
  • one NSSMS launcher for Sea Sparrow missiles, later replaced by one Phalanx CIWS, which was replaced by an NSSM Sea Sparrow
Aircraft carriedone SH-2 Seasprite (LAMPS I) helicopter

Edmund Belfour Bossart Jr. 28 Aug 1971-6 Apr 1973

Harold Patrick Sexton, Jr. 6 Apr 1973-30 Sep 1975

Joseph Jack D’Amato 30 Sep 1975-16 Jul 1977

Charles O. Johnson 16 Jul 1977-27 Oct 1979

Richard Benard McKenna 27 Oct 1979-14 Nov 1981

George Horace Coshow II 14 Nov 1981-22 Jan 1984

William S. Clark 22 Jan 1984-10 Aug 1986

Donald Franklin Russell 10 Aug 1986-28 Aug 1988

John T.O. Martin 28 Aug 1988-16 Mar 1990

John S. Pine 16 Mar 1990-5 Jun 1992

We can't thank the Shipmates, their family & friends for sharing these photos with us. We will cherish them and do understand the copyright regulations.  
We understand that the author and initial copyright owner of a photograph is the person who “shoots” or “takes” the photo. Knowing this to be true, we can't be responsible for your photo being utilized elsewhere. Also, as the Copyright owner if there is any photo's you would removed. You will gladly remove them, please contact us.
If there are any you would like to share we would glad post them!
In other words, you took the photo's there are your's we respect that and will honor any of your wishes!


If you have any information on these Shipmates PLEASE contact us.

Kevin O'connell -  BT     80-83

Doug Bennett - EW2      90-91

Doug Bennett- SN 82     82

Donald Bennett- BM3     80-86